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Welcome to the internet home of JLS Consulting, LLC.  On this site you will find valuable information that could potentially save your business or educational institution million of dollars; more importantly, it can save lives.

 Consider the following facts:

  1. Approximately two million American workers are victims of workplace violence every year;
  2. The cost of workplace violence is estimated to be in the billions of dollars annually;
  3. Assaults and violent acts are among the leading cause of workplace fatalities
  4. Since 1992, there have been 338 school shootings in the United States;
  5. School shootings can occur in any socioeconomic environment;
  6. With proper training, procedures, and environment, workplace and school violence are manageable.

JLS Consulting provides the platinum standard in workplace violence prevention and response education, school violence prevention and response education, and a wide array of support services that include site assessments, employee background investigations, and support for threat analysis teams.  Our programs are premised upon best practices, the best available academic research, and decades of law enforcement experience.

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